Monday, September 27, 2010

Beautiful Colorado in the Fall

It's one of those times in life that I feel everything I want to write should not be shared, at least not yet. I have so much on my heart and so much I want to say, scream, shout, or yell, but just as it comes to the surface I choke it back into my heart.
It's like when you are having an argument with your spouse or friend and you want to say so much. You want to point your finger at them and tell them all the things that hurt and exactly what they did to cause it. But you know... it will only cause more pain. It's better to keep it inside and fight fair without pointing a finger at anyone but myself.

I'm not pointing fingers, but the lessons God is teaching me clearly are my lessons. The day will come that I can share, but today they are for me. If I shared today, they would be misunderstood, misconstrued and misused. It would appear I was pointing a finger when indeed my finger is only pointing to God's Holy Word, which has been twisted and misconstrued. I want to point out the truth of the Gospel, but Americans have gotten so far off base, it's hard to share the truth without sounding like a hater.

I'm not a hater. I'm not angry. I just found the truth.

Since I cannot share with you what is on my heart, I will share with you some beautiful pictures I took while in Colorado last week.

Isn't it Grand?

Best Buds

I know it's out of focus, but I still love it.

Ta Da! It's the Rocky Mountains!

Our Campground

A picture of Summer, Fall and Winter. The flowers, fall leaves and snow all together at once.


  1. I am in love with your pictures. Colorado is a beautiful place! especially with the leaves changing like that. Oh! How fun!

  2. Your kiddos are so cute. I loved seeing the pictures. They make me want to go there now!


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