Monday, October 1, 2012

A Poem: Time Chugs On

I know I said I would be writing more, and I have. I just forget to post it on here. I have more stories to share, soon.
In the meantime, here is my poem for the week. My class is working on poetry this week, and this morning we will have a Cafe Day and Poetry Reading. We are going to drink coffee, dress like poets and read our poems. I am very excited to hear what my students wrote. Here is my poem I wrote this morning at boot camp, where I ran for 30 minutes for the first time EVER! Yay!

Time Chugs On

It is said “time marches on,”
As if it is an army,
Marching forward.

I say time is a train.

Some occasions it meanders through hills and valleys,
Taking its sweet time as we wait;
For baby’s arrival,
Illness to end,
The Sun to show its shining face
In a cloudy situation.

Some occasions, it crashes into the heart of my home,
Pulling loads of chaos,
Loss of memories and moments,
Hauling away pudgy fingers and legs,
And Hugs and kisses.
It brings with it a blaring whistle
That says, “Goodbye, precious moments, that are much too short.”

All the while, the train chugs along.
I am forever the tiny caboose,
Clinging to every last moment,
Watching as each one fades into the distance,
Wishing I could wrap up each giggly kiss,
Each chubby bear hug,
Every single, I love you Mommy,
And Put it in my pocket,
To hold in my hands just one more time.


  1. Nice! Now don't you love poetry just a little more now?

    1. I do! It's not nearly as scary as I had imagined!

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